Character Name (full): Arast’Murko’Zaonoo
Race: Chiss
Career 1: Starfighter Ace
Career 2: Soresu Defender
Career 3: Mystic: Seer
Racial ability: Infra-vision- Chiss have adapted to be able to see in both the infra-red and normal visual spectra. This enables Chiss characters to remove up to 1 die added to checks by lighting conditions.

Strain Threshold: 12
Wound Threshold:14
Encumbrance: 7




Astrogation (Career skill): 1
Athletics (Career skill):1
Charm (Career Skill):0
Coercion (Career Skill):0
Cool (Career skill):2
Discipline (Career Skill):0
Mechanics (Career Skill): 1
Perception (Career Skill):1
Piloting space (Career Skill):1
Survival (Career Skill):0
Vigilance (Career Skill):0
Brawl (Career Skill):0
Gunnery (Career Skill):0
Melee (Career Skill):0
Lightsaber ((Intellect) Career Skill):1
Lore (Career Skill):0
Outer Rim (Career Skill):0


Force Sense (Rank 1)

The Force user can sense the Force interacting with the world around him.
The user may 1 force point to sense all living things within short range (including sentient and non-sentient beings). The user may 1 force point to sense the current emotional state of one living target with whom he is engaged.

Parry (Rank 1)

When the character suffers a hit from a Brawl, Melee, or Lightsaber combat check, after damage is calculated (but before soak is applied, so immediately after step 3 of Perform a Combat Check, page 210), the character may take a Parry incidental. He suffers 3 strain and reduces the damage dealt by that hit by a number equal to 2 plus his ranks in Parry. This talent may only be used once per hit and when the character is wielding a lightsaber/ melee weapon


When making a check using the Lightsaber skill, the character may use Intellect instead of Brawn.

Toughend (Rank 1)
Gain +2 to wound threshold

Defensive Stance (Rank 1)

Once per round, may perform Defensive Stance manoeuvre and suffer a number of strain to upgrade difficulty of all incoming melee attacks by an equal number for the next round. Strain suffered this way cannot exceed ranks in Defensive Stance.

Uncanny Reactions (Rank 1)
Add 1 boost die per rank for all vigilance checks

Keen Eyed (Rank 1)
Remove 1 setback die per rank for Perception and vigilance checks. Decrease time to search and area by half


Ancient Sword
Range: Melee
Hard Points:1
Additional effect:Defensive 1


Concealing Robes
Hard Points 0



“Look at those eyes, something creepy about them. You don’t know if hes looking at you”- Imperial trooper on a Sith transport ship observing Tmurko.

Captured in 3653 BBY Tmurko was found stowed away on a large freighter after an Imperial search was conducted on the vessel. He surrendered peacefully, an odd occurrence as Sith tend to resit or die in a bloody battle. It was particularly odd he almost seemed to know what was going to happen which seemed to spook some of the troops.

While Tmurko normally wears jet black robes that obscure his appearance. His face is poise with a shade of midnight blue skin and hair well kept and swept to the side. But the hallmark of the Chiss are their red eyes with pupils that glow as bright as a sun.

Tmurko was found with little personal effects on him. An ancient sword and Sith Holocron. The Sword is very exotic in design, its certainly not common, It almost looks ceremonial. The Holocron looks as old as the sword and has a few similar markings to the sword but with no experts on Sith culture aboard the ship no accurate guesses could be made.

During imprisonment Tmurko was questioned about his possessions and what links he has to the force. He always gave vauge answers and obtuse answers, saying that he enjoys collecting exotic artifacts and explains that his people would be very interested in these artifacts. He seemed innocent but baseless accusations could not break Tmurko. and he was going to be sent to Korriban for “Sith interrogation”

While Tmurko is the official pilot for the Trident, he has extensive piloting and astrogation experience which has been acquired since childhood. Tmurko tends to keep to himself, his Sith training means hes very dangerous and thus keeps most in the dark about his identity. But now Tmurko in mysterious circumstances has turned a new leaf, The Sith code has flaws, he belives they should be fixed. Does the light side offer any answers he seeks? Or will he find a new philosophy to follow.


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