The Trident

Trident Session 1




The Great War has ended. With the signing of the
TREATY OF CORUSCANT, the empire has forced a
Ceasefire, ending the 28 year conflict. Turmoil has yet to,
End, however as both sides lash out at one another in
secret, In what is coming to be known as the COLD WAR.
Meanwhile, Crime syndicates and megacorprations alike,
strive to capitalise on the growing tensions

Sslaartssnassh Braakki and Fabjeff Silscro were captured
By the Empire detained and awaiting interrogation. But a
surprise attack allowed them to escape the wrath of the Empire.

Their heroics were not done alone, along the way they recruited the
Chiss Tmurko who is shrouded in mystery and HK-45 a battleworn
Assassin droid with a restraining bolt for unknown functions.

Upon finding the Trident the crew fights pirates before
Launching the ship and escaping. Their victory is short
Lived as Imperial fighters launch in pursuit of the Trident…

A vast black empty void. white lights pass by overhead, the lights stop and a helmet of a sith trooper is revealed. He taps at a control panel in enters a holding area, “ time to change guards”
“Aknowleged” the troopers swaps places with the one on guard and exits . the Jail hosts giant cells that hold four containment fields. In one particular cell we hear a trandoshan and Human whispering to each other, the guard in front of the cell looks back “Hey Fabjeff” asks the trandoshan “got any ideas to get us out?” a guard then looks towards them “ Oi! Cut quit that chatting alien”. Fabjeff exhales in frustration, The fat on his gut roll’s an inch across his chubby frame and his gluttons cheeks pop out and then release and then his long fringe slides down in one clump due to the grease in his hair. The trandoshan’s circular amber eyes dart across in an attempt to reassure the human that everything will be fine, his green scales slightly glisten and the blue scales on his face reflect the red hue of the containment field . A third person lays dormant in an adjacent containment field. Long concealing robes envelope someone with a humanoid physique. They look like they are perhaps in a trance like state.

CRASH! The ship shakes, the lights go out for a few seconds. The Sith dreadnaught’s alarms whine into action, The trooper guarding the prison block rushes out to assess the situation. Meanwhile during the confusion the shield generator for Fabjeff’s cell overloads and dissipates. He falls out of the feilds area before it zaps back up. With Fabjeffs new freedom he gets through the cell and unlocks the cells with his sharp computing skills. A horde of prisoners swarm out of their cells hoping to earn their freedom again. Sslaartssnassh meets up with Fabjeff and discuss getting their gear back and eventually escaping, during their discussion a man in long black robes approaches. The man has skin as blue as the sky with fiery red eyes, the chiss are a rare sight in the galaxy and are often elusive. He introduces himself as Tmurko and says that he knows where the confiscated equipment should. FabJeff and Sslaartssnassh accept the offer and head off towards the strong room.

Once they reach the strong room Fabjeff unlocks the door. In the room is a collection of contraband equipment, of particular note is a bi-pedal droid. Its joints are connected and reinforced by solid joints, the black armour is uneven with extra panels added to presumably replace damaged sections, blaster burns and holes left from slugthrowers also decorate the droid. The head has a slit up the front that widens at the bottom revealing forked vents with some lights in the gaps. Two sharply angled eyes depart from the branch of the face vent that give a menacing look. The crew look around and find their equipment Sslaartssnassh finds a pistol and some med packs, fabjeff grabs a light blaster pistol and Tmurko grabs an ancient sword and a holocron. Sslaartssnassh asks the group if they should activate the droid, Fabjeff declines believing the droid could be untrustworthy and could “kill us all”. Debate ensues and eventually Sslaartssnassh tries to turn on the droid via an auxiliary device. At this point Tmurko finds a switch at the back and turns the droid on. Its eyes ignite an emerald green hue and its voice modulator stars up. “[STATEMENT] Systems booting up, assassination protocols activated! Where is my weapon meatbag?” Upon startling Fabjeff and Sslaartssnassh they question the droid and debate the integrity of the droid and it’s friendly intentions. They learn the Droid is designated as HK-45 and probably for the crews benefit it was fitted with a restraining bolt. It’s function could not be identified howeaver but it seemed to have no friendly ties to the Imperials so Tmurko and Sslaartssnassh took the droid with them. Fabjeff was of the opinion that the droid should be left alone. As a precaution he confiscated its slugthrower rifle in case turns on him.

Moments after they exited the strong room, Imperial troopers stormed around the corner Tmurko and Sslaartssnassh immediately engaged the troopers…however HK was unarmed and it could not fight back, it went to Fabjeff to acquire its rifle “[STATEMENT] I require my rife in order to kill these meatbags!” Fabjeff’s eyebrows protrude up in shock and hastily responds “oh no I’m not going to let you take your rifle from me! You’re going to shoot me from the back afterwards!” more arguing ensued while Tmurko and Sslaartssnassh whittle down the trooper numbers. As HK starts to get too close to Fabjeff he throws HK’s rifle away to distract him. He then attempts to shoot an enemy trooper but misses, Once HK picks up his slugthrower he takes aim and takes down the remaining trooper. The crew collect themselves after the debacle.

Tmurko continues leading the crew to the hanger, along the way they make a detour by the medical bay and patch themselves up. Upon reaching it they find a small droid stationed there, Fabjeff attempts to hack the droid and let it patch up those hurt. He succeeded and the group got patched up. Tmurko once again attempts to lead lead the way but the crashes and bangs start to get more intense and throw him off, he finds an imperial pilot scrambling towards the docks they attempt to interrogate him for useful information, all they learn is that pirates are attacking. They cut their losses and continue on their way to the hanger. The sounds of fighting grow louder and louder. They reach a hanger bay, it’s deserted. The crew look around to find a switch to no avail, they spot a vent and figure that the panel for the door is on the other side they pick Fabjeff to go through since he could hack the door. He squeezes himself through the small opening and pops himself out. He hacks the door and opens it slowly opens. The room reveals a few ships docked in the hanger, a large blue barrier protects the crew and ship from the vacuum of space. A Nella 342 light freighter stands in a corner, It has a cylindrical cargo hold in the center, on the port side it has a arm that wraps around the whole ship. The end of the arm contains the cockpit, the back has four engines and contains vents at the top and bottom near the back of the ship. A large ramp descends from the bowels of the ship a blue light illuminates the pathway. The group slowly walks up.

Inside is a large empty space, clearly a cargo hold. It’s grated floor is illuminated underneath with green lights there are a few doors that lead out to other areas of the ship. Before they make much ground a pirate stumbles into the room, he shouts out for reinforcements! HK and Fabjeff take shots at the assailants. Fabjeff’s shot hurts the pirate while HK ‘s deals substantial damage to another, Tmurko and Sslaartssnassh engage with claws and sword respectively they continue to fight with HK’s deadly assassination protocols makeing short work of the pirates. However during the fight Tmurko gets a heavy blow by a pirate before they get taken down. The team check the rest of the ship to ensure there are no more pirates. The rest of the ship is empty, Fabjeff and Sslaartssnassh discuss their next move and prepare to launch the ship- the Trident!

Sslaartssnassh tells Fabjeff to get to the cockpit and start up the Trident he was going to the engine room, Tmurko interjects and offers to help Fabjeff pilot. HK stays guard on the ship. At the cockpit Fabjeff goes through the process of starting up the ship Tmurko arrives and assists starting up the ship. “lets get the engines to full power and get out of here as soon as possible!” The ship’s hatch and landing gears retract, engines ignite with a boom and blue light ignites from the exhaust. The ship bobs up gaining altitude, it turns towards the barrier and blasts out of the hanger. While Fabjeff is adjusting settings on the ship Tmurko starts to compensate for some of the changes he’s making, eventually Tmurko takes over and they swap seats as he completes jobs more efficiently than Fabjeff.

As they leave the Sith dreadnaught a fierce space battle ensues behind, Imperial fighters start tailing the ship….




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